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At Howard Nowell Life Planning, we offer a straightforward approach to help you set and achieve your personal, family, and lifestyle goals. Together, we'll review your current situation and guide you on the best steps to reach your future aspirations, whether that means fine-tuning your plan or making significant changes.

Many people have some financial planning, but it often misses key areas important to them, like health, lifestyle, and relationships. Unlike traditional advisers who focus mainly on financial products, we see the whole picture, ensuring all aspects of your life are considered.

We know some might be wary of traditional financial advice due to past issues. With Howard Nowell Life Planning, you can trust in our transparent and personalised service, designed with your unique needs and peace of mind at the forefront.

It's all about you!

You may have been considering lifestyle changes and refinements in light of the uncertainties and opportunities highlighted by the events of recent years.  Some of your friends and contacts may also be contemplating similar changes. It is essential to acknowledge that this is a period of reflection and that it could serve as a valuable catalyst for taking proactive steps towards the next stage of your life. However, it's crucial to exercise caution and avoid making drastic and impulsive decisions without the benefit of a tested and objectively applied framework. This will help ensure that life-changing decisions are made with the most realistic chance of success.


Why we're different.

We offer a powerful life planning and coaching service using our Activation GamePlan tools. Our method covers all essential planning areas, ensuring you feel confident crafting a plan tailored to you. We aim not just to meet your financial goals but to open doors for wealth growth. You can manage much of the plan using public investment platforms and financial sites. With our guidance, you're set on a path to genuine success.

How we operate.

We provide a powerful framework to help you shape your future, covering personal, family, and lifestyle aspirations. We'll guide you on the best steps for the coming years, whether that's sticking to current plans, tweaking them, or making bold changes. While many focus on finances, we believe a true plan prioritises what matters most to you, like health, lifestyle, and relationships. We see wealth as part of a bigger picture, so our strategy is comprehensive. If you're wary of traditional financial advice, rest assured. Our method is personalised, transparent, and built on trust.

Life Planning: Why It's Important and How it Can Benefit You.

Life planning helps you transition from where you are now to a well-defined future. It gives you the tools to make smart financial decisions, either on your own or with a planner's help. Unlike traditional methods, life planning is about self-guided financial choices without pushing product sales. By the end, you'll confidently manage financial products online.

Simply put, life planning puts you in the driver's seat of your life. Small tweaks today can greatly enhance your future. It doesn't need to be lengthy; a few hours over six months can set you up for life. Waiting too long can make future planning harder or limit options. Making wise decisions now lets you relish life, ensuring peace and a clear vision for the future.

Customisable solutions tailored to fit your unique needs and budget.



Starter Membership

Subscribe to access our latest financial planning technology, integrated with Open Banking and a vast online financial education library. Our platform is user-friendly and empowers you to improve your financial literacy, track your progress, and take control of your financial future. Achieve your financial goals with our innovative tools and resources. Join today to experience how our technology and education can help you reach new levels of financial success.


Group Masterclass

Elevate your financial planning by joining our monthly group masterclass training programme. Get exclusive access to expert insights from seasoned investment industry leader, Howard Nowell, on our platform. Howard's track record of success in the global investment arena offers valuable insights to help you achieve your financial goals. Learn from one of the best in the business, gain valuable knowledge, and see how to grow your wealth. Join us today for an exceptional learning experience.


1-2-1 Life Planning  

Benefit from personalised 1-2-1 tailored sessions over a 12-week course with Howard Nowell. By working with Howard - both in a face to face and virtual setting your specific circumstances can be discussed at length and GAME PLAN created that is unique and bespoke to your objectives. This will activate your life plans and provide you with ongoing support as you embark upon your transformational changes and activities.  All other resources are also supplied as is unlimited Q&A support. 

What Our Clients Say

Jaspal B, BUCKS

I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with Howard on Life Planning. It is one of those important tasks we all want to do but need a catalyst to execute. Howard provided deep clarity, empathy and understanding in helping shape my own life goals and helping me on a journey to be a much happier version of myself.

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